About Us

Pretty Brook Tennis Club is a small private club with a primary focus on racquet sports. We offer casual lunches and year-round athletic and social activities in a relaxed atmosphere. Members of all ages share in the historic traditions of friendship, good sportsmanship and enthusiasm for racquet sports.

Through the years, Pretty Brook Tennis Club has maintained its excellent facilities. Members enjoy our five outdoor tennis courts, which were recently redesigned with Hydro Court technology. We also have an indoor tennis court, as well as platform tennis. In 2002, two state-of-the-art squash courts were built. Our swimming pool continues to draw families in the summer months. And most recently, the old clubhouse squash courts were transformed into a new fitness center. While Pretty Brook Tennis Club continues to improve, the unique character and charm of the club remain untouched.

In the year 2016, we will mark our 87th anniversary. We continue to celebrate our great club with affection and commitment to our loyal and spirited membership.