Ahmed Mahmood

Squash Specific Technical Fitness Pro

Email: [email protected]

Youssif is PBTC’s Squash specific technical fitness coach, which means that he is a fitness pro that helps competitive squash players with off court fitness specifically designed to increase their physical abilities for squash. His coaching experience spans 22 plus years and isn’t limited to Princeton, it’s worldwide including Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Greece, India, and recently the USA. He’s worked with pro level squash players, was a consultant fitness coach for Harvard/Dartmouth/Upenn, and specializes in bringing a young squash player up to the next level. In 2022 Youssif joined but was only able to dedicate a few training hours, but now he is ready to help bring the squash program to a whole new level. You may have seen him doing “crazy cone drills” in the squash court with some of our young squash competitors or off court in the gym building much needed strength. His focus is highly specialized, strengthening and training competitive 12-18 year old squash players. To learn more please contact Charles.